More and more celebrities are turning to YouTube and generating sizeable audiences.

Audiences on YouTube keep growing.

The reach of the platform is near ubiquitous and has now become the second most popular search engine.

Users from all generations are turning to it to watch content that fit their niche interests, content you would never have been able to see on any other large media organization’s channels.

And celebrities are turning to it and building a “side hustle,” building an owned audience for themselves (although we could debate if an audience you create on YouTube really is YOUR owned audience or if it is still rented eyeballs from a platform).

A Hollywood Reporter article dives deep into this last trend, with examples Zac Efron, Jason Momoa, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

It explains how some of them are currently bridging the gap between a traditional Hollywood star and a digital star.

This is the type of content your brand’s videos will be compared side-by-side with, more and more. How is your brand reacting to this? Could this have a potential impact on your YouTube video strategy?

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