Your brand’s community is a consequence of the value you have provided in the past.

Do you ask yourself the right questions when it comes to building your brand’s audience and community?

In many cases, we find that for some brands, the objective is to first grow the community and eventually publish articles, beautiful photos on Instagram or to help people move forward in their buying process, but we see this as a big mistake.

The growth of your community is the result of the value that you have brought to it. It is the result of the articles you published, the superb photos on Instagram, the relationship you created.

People follow your brand because they want more. Because they have seen value in the past and want to continue the adventure.

A person will not follow your brand in the mere hope that you will publish something extraordinary in the future.

When your brand has few subscribers, few members, you may feel like you are “publishing in a void,” but you are actually building your value, and eventually your community.

It is possible to accelerate the growth of a community through different methods, but if these methods are not based on a high value proposition, you will end up with a community that is not engaged with your brand and believe me, this problem can be even worse than not having an audience at all!

An article by Rachel Sullivan published by Business2Community addresses this subject, highlighting the great importance of value, well beyond the numbers.

And what is the value that your brand brings to its current and future audience?

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