Hearst Originals goes all-in on video production.


Hearst Magazines is an international media entity with publications such as Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Esquire, but also printed editions of brands such as Airbnb (which we discussed in a previous article).


In early 2019, Hearst, through its Hearst Originals division, acquired the YouTube Clevver network and a production studio in Los Angeles that belonged to Defy Media (a company we had also discussed in a previous article).


These initiatives follow two key hires aimed at increasing revenues and opportunities from the media group’s video production and distribution activities.


The audiences that the group has developed on YouTube, other networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook as well as their own platforms are generating more and more interest from advertisers.


In an article published by Digiday, Tim Peterson details the approach and opportunities that are at the heart of Hearst’s video strategy, with several productions currently under development, networks such as Clevver and Delish (in addition to their properties associated with international magazines) and the development of content with high advertising revenue potential.


This article provides a better understanding of the structure that companies like Hearst use to reach and satisfy their audiences, while keeping in mind the ROI and revenue generation dimension.


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