To get access to and generate a meaningful connection with a niche audience, your brand needs to understand its codes.

The sentence above couldn’t be more true than with gamers.

Gamers are often seen as a young, vibrant and niche audience many brands want to connect with, want to reach and engage.

But not anyone can really say they’ve been able to pierce the shield of a culture that works on memes, inside jokes and simply disregard a lot of what brands try to do when reaching out to them.

This is something we often say to clients: the audience you want to reach, you have to take the time to understand it, learn as much as you can about them, discover their values, their needs, their expectations.

No easy task.

When Loto-Québec decided to try and connect with the gamer audience on Twitch, they made sure they learned and understood the codes of being on Twitch.

Do you know what raiding means on Twitch?

If you don’t, you’re not ready to take your brand on the platform. Loto-Québec was.

The knowledge and insights you have on your audience can make or break your content, your series, your TV show.

Get to know your audience, today.

And to complement this discussion, you can watch Verizon’s film that takes on the reality of gamers head on.

And while you are watching it, ask yourself: what am I doing to get to know my audience better? If nothing pops in your head, give us a call, we have many tactics and initiatives that can help your brand to learn more about the people you are trying to reach.