Facebook is a ubiquitous platform in any content marketer’s strategy. But where is it heading and how can you make sure your brand is not too dependent on it?


We are currently wrapping production on the first few episodes of our new business and creativity podcast at Toast. Our first episode will be focused on Facebook, its future and how some brands are too dependent on the platform’s reach.


How does your brand behave in regards to the platform? How important is Facebook in your content strategy?


All content marketers need to keep in mind that your brand’s audience on Facebook is “rented,” it is not yours and at any point in time, they could (but won’t), cut ties with brands, raise ads pricing dramatically, etc.


To understand how important it is for our industry today, but also how it might evolve in the future and how it can impact a brand strategically, one could be very interested in how it is managed.


In a recent long-form article from the New York Times, Mike Isaac, Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang published a comprehensive analysis of how Facebook is managed, how Mark Zuckerberg is handling one crisis after another, and how this will affect Facebook’s future.


The article talks about privacy (important for you as a user, but also as the brand manager that you are), products, but most importantly how it is now so big in so many markets around the world.


If Facebook is a key pillar in your content strategy, I invite you to learn a bit more about how it is managed, and eventually listen to our podcast’s first episode!