Chipotle promotes its core values to 7-to-10-years old in a 6-episode series.

The brand has been known for making bold branded content moves in the past. They were applauded for their “Scarecrow” film in 2013, and then with “Farmed and Dangerous” in 2014.

Both these previous efforts were focused on promoting the importance of fresh ingredients, responsible farming, etc.

This new series, “RAD Lands”, targets a younger demographic, an audience they haven’t advertised to directly in the past: preteens.

The story takes place in space with a team called the Cultivators, whose aim is to save the galaxy’s animals and plants. It also includes segments with musicians and celebrity chefs.

It is all about promoting the brand’s core values: fresh food, fresh ingredients, responsible farming.

Chipotle will be promoting the series through a paid advertising campaign, aimed at families, and will not promote the series in its restaurants.

What do you think about this campaign/series? Any brand’s marketing aimed at kids always raises an eyebrow, but is it done properly this time?

I invite you to read Advertising Age’s article on the project.