In its most recent quarterly report, App Annie reported that the average time spent per user on TikTok is higher than on YouTube.

TikTok has gotten everyone talking in the content space for the past two years.

Its formats, memes, challenges and innovative user interface brought the Chinese app to light when younger users started flocking to it.

In a recent App Annie report, it is shown that TikTok is pulling users from Facebook, but also YouTube.

In that same report, it is demonstrated that recently, time spent per user is higher on TikTok than on YouTube, suggesting that engagement on the platform is very high and “sticky.”

This is not a small feat for a platform that was not on anyone’s radar until recently.

What does this mean for content creators of all types?

It means it is time to spend time on the platform, get to know its codes and uses, challenge your own perception of its usefulness for your brand, explore and test.

YouTube is still the platform where there is more time spent as a whole, but this is because it has many more users (2 billion versus 700 million for TikTok).

But that number is also growing steadily, with TikTok being the most downloaded app worldwide since 2020.

Should all brands be on TikTok? No.

Should all brands spend some time reflecting on if it could be relevant? Yes.

Has your brand gone through that process yet? If not, don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can help you navigate the TikTok waters.