Publishing and broadcasting content is only part of the equation. Your plan must account for high-performing amplification and media to support its discoverability.

Very often, and we see a lot of clients come to us with this need, broadcasters and brands put a lot of energy in producing the most relevant and best content possible, but only to drop the ball when it comes to promoting it and bringing it to its intended audience.

And this is actually the most important part of the content equation, the content performance workflow: discoverability.

How can one make sure that the content will be discovered and enjoyed by its most relevant audience?

Amplification and media buying is one key to this riddle.

Social media ads have been, for the last decade, a great way to reach an audience in the right context, at the right moment (granted the media planning phase was done properly).

Pretty much no matter what your audience or niche is, there is a way to reach them through social media ads.

BrandTotal has been monitoring social ads through its sentimental analysis engine to discover and document the “most loved” ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In their May-June 2021 study, 8 out of the 10 “most loved” ads were by content organizations: Netflix (3x), Wall Street Journal (2x), New York Times, BBC and Amazon Prime.

The key in this Top 10 chart is that what works is content-based amplification. This is what drives engagement and positive sentiment.

This is what a great production team and a great media planning team (like the ones at Toast, wink wink) can do for your content and your brand.

A CMO Council article by Tom Kaneshige also outlines 5 takeaways from the BrandTotal study and the ads that worked:

  1. Connect to what people are passionate about.
  2. Leverage an existing fan base.
  3. Maintain consistency in messaging.
  4. Leverage pop culture.
  5. Innovate constantly.

You can read more about these 5 takeaways in the article, or you can also contact us to discuss this further and explore how we could help amplify your content and drive positive sentiment around your media buying.