An infographic on why television and video content are much more powerful than images and text.

You’ve heard the saying: an image is worth a thousand words.

Well, in this day of television and YouTube, you can imagine the power of video.

I wanted to share this infographic as it outlines a series of facts and statistics regarding video content and how powerful it can actually be.

This is also why television is not dead. Television producers will continue to produce for a while, but marketers need to quickly jump on the bandwagon and explore branded content opportunities, both online and on TV.

(By the way, this is something we can help with at Toast: matching marketers and brands with content)

I invite you to read the full infographic on the right to see how the way our brain is wired is responsible to the power video has on us (and potentially learn about “the fusiform facial area” of our brain).







(source : QuickSprout)