McKinsey: One of the biggest dangers is for organizations to stay optimistic rather than cautious.

With our clients at Toast, we’ve been concentrating heavily on the Recovery phase (based on the Adjust->Peak->Recovery model we use during this COVID-19 crisis).

We’ve been repeating how marketing can and must be part of the crisis adaptation organizations are currently implementing. By this we mean that marketing needs to not only be adjusted, but it needs to remain active.

And this is especially true for your Always-On strategy.

You cannot suddenly go dark, you cannot slow down too much.

This is an opportunity to remain top-of-mind, because others will make that mistake and turn everything off.

If you are too cautious and not answering questions your audience might have, they will find answers elsewhere.

Think of it as the perfect time to make sure you are implementing Marcus Sheridan’s “They Ask, You Answer” approach (and make sure you get yourself a copy of that book, I’ve sent so many copies to clients and friends and everyone has found it pretty enlightening).

In a Social Bakers article on recession marketing (because get used to it, this economic slowdown is here to stay), they make the point that early in the Recovery phase, there is less noise and room for your brand to shine and stand out.

There might even be a rare chance to get in with media buying at a great price!

Bring value to your audience. Now is the time.

Take the time to read this article from Social Bakers, it is a very interesting read on how the overall marketing landscape changes and how you can take the upper-hand in the Recovery phase, especially for your Always-On strategy.

P.S.: Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss this if you sense hesitation or too much caution in your organization.