Banks and financial services turn to content marketing to connect and build trust with consumers.

Coming out of the 2008 financial crisis, two things happened: consumers lost trust in some of the practices of the financial sector, and they also wanted to understand more about how the financial industry affects them.

This is the main reason why multiple banks and financial institutions have turned to content marketing and branded content to educate consumers and also “lift the veil on historically confusing financial practices.”

This week’s article lists many examples where content has played a key part in the overall marketing strategy of the financial sector.

With examples from Chase, Bank of America, MasterCard, OppenheimerFunds and Regions Bank, Ashley Rodriguez from Advertising Age reports on recent successes.

Not everyone can go all out like OppenheimerFunds and build a 6-people, 6-camera studio that pumps out over 400 videos per year, but there are key takeaways we can learn from them.

These firms have realized the power of building an audience, building trust and educating consumers, all that through content production and publishing.