If we could look at all content programs running into each of your organizations, we could probably find many common pitfalls or problems.

In any content production, things do not always run smoothly.

For example, in television productions we are currently working on, some of the challenges that come up are often common to many other productions.

Same thing is true for content strategies we are asked to optimize or develop for clients. The internal challenges or historic problems we uncover are often very common.

But it’s normal.

Ann Gynn, over at the Content Marketing Institute, recently published an article that lists 16 common problems when working on content projects.

Some of them you will have lived, some others you will want to avoid! Here’s a quick list:

  1. Fear
  2. Stakeholder misalignment
  3. Expectations for immediate results
  4. Silos
  5. Not communicating internally
  6. Inconsistency
  7. Easy, cheap and fast expectations
  8. Budget cuts
  9. Generic content
  10. Complacency
  11. Lack of focus
  12. Audience attention
  13. Company-focused content
  14. Failure to adapt to change
  15. Starting with format
  16. Wrong metrics

Just by reading the list above, I can imagine some of you rolling their eyes. “So true!”

Head over to Ann Gynn’s article, she even provides tips to fix each!