Brands and producers need to adapt to these new consumption patterns.

A research project carried out in the UK found that people change the device they are using an average of 21 times an hour when they are at home.

Advertisers, brands and media producers need to take this into account. These new consumption patterns require that traditional practices need to be updated.

At Toast, we talk a lot about branded content and this is a great example of how the advertising industry is adapting to this new reality: “That’s why we’re seeing such growth in sponsorship on television; it’s a new format that can engage with people in that kind of time period.” said Chris Worrell, an insight director at OMD (the firm who carried out the study).

Even consumers don’t realize they are behaving this way: “[…] the respondents were surprised as well. Not only were they multitasking, but we were surprised at the sheer number of times that they were flip-flopping from one device to another.” added Worrell.

This week’s article discusses the implications of these results, you can read more over at Campaign by clicking the link below.