Mojang launches its branded content video series “How we make Minecraft”.


Video games have always been perfect settings for storyworld extensions, video series being a great example. The mythology, the environments, there are so many stories that can be told that throughout the years, many game studios launched linear storytelling based off their games.


Mojang, the creators of Minecraft (now part of the Microsoft family), recently launched their own branded content series. While fan fiction has been an extremely lucrative business for many years, the company decided for this series to bring players and video game enthusiasts behind-the-scenes.


In a very fun way, they will explain how they make decisions, how their developers failed on some game physics or elements in the past, etc.


At the time I am writing this, they have launched their first episode, titled “Adding a new mob”, a 7-minute video on the process behind creating a new in-game character and how it can sometimes fail and “break the game for players.”


This is a little more on the lighter side compared to what we usually publish here, but I wanted you to see (and potentially get inspired) by what other organizations and brands are creating in terms of branded content.