Hearing about fails is always a good thing.

My fiancee knows I love to read about fails. I believe more people, brands and agencies should be open about things that don’t work out. And she’s the one who sent me this week’s article.

In it, Kapost wasn’t shy about a recent content campaign that didn’t go too well.

They wanted to drive traffic, get leads, create a viral sensation…

They got 15 leads out of it… They received 59% fewer unique visitors compared to other campaign launches…

They thought mixing Star Trek and Star Wars into content assets would be just great. Aren’t fans of both IP’s just dying to battle it out?

Seems not.

They had it all. A quiz, content, an infographic.

But it didn’t work. Why?

Here are some takeaways, which you should read in detail in the linked article:

  • Didn’t Tap Our Audience on Topic
  • Driving to an Irrelevant Content Asset
  • Truncated Distribution
  • No Email Campaign

Want to know more and not repeat the same errors they did in their campaign? Read on.

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