We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but what are the best ways to do it when producing content?


Infographics, video, images, photos, we all know they have a great impact on the performance of the content we produce. But sometimes, it can be hard to decide which tactic should be employed to try and get the best return on your RPI (Return on Production Investment – I just made that up).


Many of you will mention that producing visual content is much costlier than doing a simple blog post or article, but think about the impact!


We’ve been strong promoters of the 10×1 method of producing content, which roughly translates to: build 10 content assets from a single content production.


And visual content is one key element of this strategy. If you are doing a white paper, or long-form article, split it into smaller pieces and build images that can be used in newsletters, social media, etc. If you are producing a video, a documentary or a live event, why not create an article off its content? And grab some quotes from it to create images destined for your Instagram Stories?


But there are things you must keep in mind when creating visual content.


Ann Gynn published an article over at the Content Marketing Institute and she outlines 5 tips to keep top-of-mind:

  1. Inclusive content demands helpful alt tags (and so do search engines)
  2. Go live from social if you have this 1 thing
  3. Go gifographics
  4. Know design rules
  5. Use visual content to engage internally, too

She describes, with examples, each of these 5 tips.


How many of them are you already using and how many will you integrate into your processes?