Would you trust a salesman that tells you “Trust me.”? Your audience wouldn’t either.

Trust is something that is earned. Everyone learns this very early in their lives.

Somehow, through recent history, it has been believed by some that if you yell loud enough, you’ll earn trust and people will adhere to your message.

If it worked for a while (the jury is still out on this one), it works less and less, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down.

When you’re sending/publishing/distributing content to an audience, you are constantly walking on a wire. If you built trust with them, you can lose it in an instant if suddenly your message clashes with what your brand and storytelling has been in the period that this trust was carefully built.

Gartner recently released a report called ”Apply Digital Humanism to Customer Experience Design”. While this report is mainly aimed at large corporations and retail, there are many points it raises that can be applied to content and video marketing.

And the article I am sharing with you today takes that exact angle. Simon Staffans published a blog post about how the trust you earn from your audience needs to be treated with the utmost respect, that marketing automation has to be used with care and extreme prejudice and that privacy is something you cannot play around with.

An interesting, and quick, read. Don’t hesitate to also take the time to get your hands on the Gartner report. It is free, but requires you to fill out a simple form.