On the path to conversion and revenue, building an audience and a subscribers list is essential.

One of the assets you can focus on when building your audience is very simple: email addresses.

This is one of the data point that has the most value when collecting information from your audience members.

So how should you go about creating a relationship with your audience, and working at converting them into email subscribers?

Content. Content. Content.

In order for someone to provide you with their email address, you have to demonstrate you can bring value. Promotional codes and rebates can be interesting, but they are most effective at the bottom of the funnel, closer to the transaction.

So how can you work on the top of the funnel? Reaching out to potential customers and driving them to your properties and eventually convincing them that they can trust you with their email address?

Having a proper content funnel is a tool your brand can deploy.

We work with clients in setting-up their content funnel, building content, but also the underlying framework to support it (which includes targeting, lead generation forms, content production, etc.).

If the subject interests you, you can reach out to us, but you can also read Assaf Medicks-Wecksler’s article on this exact subject, as he covers how publishers work their content funnels in order to drive paid subscriptions. A VERY interesting read.

So how are you driving new subscriptions to your email list? Whitepapers? Downloads? High-value content?

This is definitely a question to tackle in 2020.