As over half of US consumers under 24 are using TikTok (and we can safely estimate that this also applies to Canada), how are brands reacting?

Content creates a connection, a relationship between a brand and its audience.

This has been at the heart of what we do at Toast for a very long time.

When new platforms arise, brands need to adjust if their audience seems to be flocking to it, they need to adapt to the new player in their ecosystem.

And TikTok is forcing many brands to think about this right now.

Much like Twitch has its codes, its ways of working, its culture, TikTok has the exact same thing… but different.

As the platform opens the floodgates to its advertising platform, it is working closely with brands to make sure that the ads that will appear will be relevant, will fit into the overall TikTok culture, and will generate immediate engagement with its audience (we could talk about that “immediate” aspect, it is quite interesting).

They are in touch with brands that want to advertise on the platform to make sure that their creative fits with the overall brand’s objective and that it will drive results.

TikTok has outlined four businesses needs a brand might have when onboarding a new ad plan and has created guides that helps creative and marketing teams navigate the platform:

  1. Get Discovered
  2. Produce Creative
  3. Drive Performance
  4. Connect to Culture

It is also heavily involved in the relationship between brands and influencers so that it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved, namely the influencer and the brand, but most importantly: the audience.

Kevin Best has published a very interesting article on the subject over at where he explains how TikTok is working with brands, but also outlining recently successful brand initiatives from the likes of Ocean Spray (cranberry juice on a skateboard anyone?), Arby’s, the NFL, Gatorade and Walmart.

So, does your brand’s audience use TikTok? If so, how are you planning to leverage the platform? Are you making sure you will be respecting TikTok’s code and culture? Would love to hear from you.