A documentary of the history of content marketing and how it has become the “new marketing”.



Content marketing is a subject that spans our entire discourse here at Toast because as a content agency, we believe it is essential that brands integrate content into their global marketing strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute, reference in the field, produced a 43-minute documentary on the subject. From John Deere’s “The Furrow” publication launched in 1895 to Marriott and Red Bull today, experts chime in on the reason why content is a must for any marketer.

The summary of the documentary explains very well why branded content is so relevant today:

Technology has changed the game. Consumers can ignore advertising and marketing at will. To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories worth listening to and become the media in the process.

I invite you to get comfortable and take an hour to watch the entire documentary. And as a sidenote, it is excellent content to recommend to anyone who is less familiar with content marketing and wants to understand why it is so relevant and where it comes from.