Remember, the phrase “Content is king” is false. Revenue is king.

The lead above is not there for nothing. This is how you have to see things when building your case for content marketing buy-in at the executive level.

If you can tie your content tactics and content marketing plan to conversion rates, average deal size or other metrics of the like, you are really speaking the language they want to hear. The language that can help you secure budget and resources.

In today’s article, Elizabeth Clor of the Content Marketing Institute shares four key steps to get executive buy-in:

  1. Understand and articulate the ‘why’ (define the business objectives you will be working with)
  2. Demonstrate the ‘how’ (but keep your strategy explanation simple)
  3. Explain the ‘what’ (if you can’t tie a tactic with a business objective, ditch it)
  4. Support your story with data (and choose your metrics carefully)

It’s always good to regularly revisit the basics. This article does it very well. It focuses on B2B content marketing, but you can definitely apply these 4 steps to any type of business.

To those of you that are on vacation, leave this article aside and make a note to read it when you come back to work. In the meantime, take some to rest, and come back re-energized in 2016! (but I’ll be right here next Monday)