A very simply string, #3Links offers a selection of interesting articles chosen among our reading lists of the last few days.

Platform Potency: Maximizing Transmedia Impact

Not all stories have the potential to become a transmedia success. In that sense, capacity does not equate to result. If you decide to develop a transmedia project, you must make sure that your stories can support a multiplatform structure.

Juice Box Mixology

Office drama. Surly client. Traffic jam. Is there a better time to pick up the kids at the daycare center? And where is that drink you’ve been dreaming about? Here’s a short article offering recipes even a great bartender would be proud of, with juiceboxes as chasers. Drink up!

Know the Google Street View car? Say hello to the Street View TRAIN [Video]

If Google Street View started out as a purely functional tool, it’s fast becoming an leisure instrument. First came the car in the streets, than bikes on bike paths and national parks, and now: train in the Alps! That’s right, discover the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring train rides from the comfort of your own office space. It’s not yet on line, but it’s nearing the station.

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Juice Box Camera (photo via Boxy Brown’s Bling)