Brands and broadcasters are trying to find smaller, more targeted ways to reach audiences, while getting them to also pay.

Television is changing.

Media and advertising are changing.

When in the past, you could build a brand or an intellectual property that would reach millions, it gets harder every year to do so. With media fragmentation and an ever-changing platform landscape, brands and broadcasters are turning to niche markets to try and get the best return as possible on their investment.

And a new term has been coined for it: narrow-casting (opposed to broadcasting).

In the Fortune article I am recommending you read this week, Mathew Ingram talks about NBCUniversal’s attempt at narrow-casting with their new venture, Seeso.

At 3,99$/month, Seeso is aimed at an audience that likes comedy. The offer focuses on that genre, with a couple original shows, but mostly archived shows such as Kids In The Hall and Monty Python.

Is this the new reality of broadcasters trying to deal with unbundling? (people being able to choose exactly which channels they want)

Is this also the new reality of brands that see the value of mass advertising diminish?

I invite you to spend some time reading Mathew Ingram’s article. Once again, time well spent if you want to learn more about the reality of niche markets and how some broadcasters are taking a wack at it.