The latest examples of branded content take the model even further.

In your circle of family and friends, you probably know some Fortnite players. This phenomenon of massive online multiplayer gaming is not about to end!

Epic Games, the company behind this success, aims to transform what is currently a game as we know it, into a communication platform, a huge social network. Fortnite is currently the main means of communication for many young people.

For the older ones in the room, Epic Games seem to be working on recreating Second Life, which could very well work this time, without really wanting to do so initially.

The Fortnite brand recently created content for its player base, content that attracted more than 10 million players at the same time for the event.

10. Million. Players.

How did they do it? They invited, in the game environment, a very, very popular EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artist these days: Marshmello.

If only you knew how this excited my 8-and-11-year-old boys…. (However, we could discuss the dimension of advertising to children in another article.)

The artist did a ten-minute concert, live, which is now also (obviously) possible to watch on YouTube. At the time of writing this, the entire concert had accumulated more than 27M views on YouTube alone.



This is an excellent example of a brand that knows its audience very well and uses an influencer as a lever for co-creating content that will enhance it and demonstrate its ability to “connect” with its consumers.

All this in a game where dance is a key attribute of the online experience. So who is the best floss dancer among you? Yes, floss comes from Fortnite.

This example is taken from a very interesting article by David Bloom on Tubefilter that summarizes a recent panel on brand content that took place as part of Digital Entertainment World 2019.

Bloom goes into a little more detail about this Fortnite+Marshmello example, but also describes several recent examples from Microsoft, Fandango, Dollar Shave Club and some others.

So how could you use your own brand as a content lever for your audience?

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