A new dimension to online video: live broadcasting.

A big difference that has always existed between traditional television and online video is that capacity that television has to create events, rendez-vous, to assemble large audiences around an event. And this is still true, we can witness this with sports events (think Euro 2016), cultural but also around some variety properties (The Voice, etc.).

The question has always been to see if it would be possible to recreate this on the web, mobile and the different devices with which we also consume content today.

Lately, the trend that ressembles this the most is live online broadcasting. It was always possible, through platforms like of uStream and such but a new, deep integration of live video and social platforms like what Facebook is doing is bringing this thing to a whole new level.

On most platforms, it remains possible to watch the live cast at a later time, once the event is over, no matter if we were available or not during the moment when it was happening, but there is something strong on the affective level to be there as it happens (remember that to be memorable, effective content must include perceptive, cognitive, and affective elements).

Were you there when BuzzFeed had a watermelon explode with rubber bands? Or have you ever been part of Serge Beauchemin’s (partner at Toast) broadcasts during and after the airing of “Dans l’oeil du dragon” episodes (French version of Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank)?

In the first case, the use of live video aims to create an audience around a unique, entertaining, surprising event. In the second case, Serge makes himself available to comment on the TV show and talk about entrepreneurship, but also to answer questions from viewers who have the unique opportunity to ask questions live.

At Toast, we are currently developing “live” strategies with different brands, and the way they can tap into the form with their audiences. This can become live broadcasts on Facebook or YouTube, Snapchat “stories”, but at its root, the brand experience is at the core of the strategy and what will be produced.

An article you should read and that I am recommending details 3 business cases of Facebook live broadcasting: Tastemade, Dunkin Donut’s and The Young Turks news network. 3 very different uses or this production and content distribution approach.

Have you thought about using live broadcasting for your brand? Don’t hesitate, contact us, we’re curious and would love to hear more!