What if television broadcasters’ audiences could be a solution to Facebook algorithm’s changes?

So at this point in time, I guess you’ve all had that internal meeting about how you would deal with all those changes Facebook has announced for its algorithm.

ListenFrist recently released its State of Social TV report, which analyzes how social media users engage with television broadcasters’ social properties.

It tracks engagement across multiple social networks, while also analyzing what types of content generate the most engagement (oh and by the way, Google+ still isn’t doing so well).

The solution? There is no recipe to generate engagement and listening to your audience remains by far the best way.

What the report outlines is that brands that partnered with TV broadcasters saw a great increase in overall engagement compared to posts published on their own social properties. This means that there is true value in branded content as partnership between a broadcaster and a brand.

My 2 favourite takeaways from the report (also from the article):

  • TV social branded content is highly effective: Social branded content published by TV pages outperformed non-branded content by an average 42% in 2017, and generated 9x more engagement than what an advertiser generated on its own page.
  • Decline in Facebook organic reach does not mean less people see content from media properties: While Facebook organic reach declined by 40% in 2017, the number of people who saw a TV post organically declined by only 13%, meaning TV posts reached audiences beyond a TV page’s fan base.

I invite you to read MarTechSeries’ article on the subject, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to discuss this further.