One of Internet’s oldest technologies is on the rise.

Email is not sexy.

When presenting a strategy to a client or producer, email is not the hot new shiny object and rarely results in ooh’s and aah’s.

But what if I told you that in the past two years, open rates of emails went from 23% to 31%? And that rise is in large part due to mobile usage, which now accounts for 44% of email content access.

Not many platforms can claim the type of usage, penetration and strategic advantages that email has.

In this week’s article, Cezary Pietrzak from Appboy makes a great case for mobile email marketing and outlines 5 ways to maximize mobile email’s efficacy in your production or program :

  • Optimize email for the small screen
  • Create bite-size content
  • Make your subject line snappier
  • Rethink your link strategy
  • Consider mobile usage patterns

I’ll keep this text short and as bite-size as possible by inviting you to read all about it in the following Venture Beat article.