Volume production for a media that recognizes the great value in video. 

Maybe you’ve heard about this, but if not, Toast recently signed a contract with Bell Media for the production of between 200 and 300 video deliverables to be produced in the coming months. The objective: grow the video inventory at the media, allowing them to grow their sales.

It will be a lot of work for the team assigned to this project, and a rigorous production workflow will at the core of its success, as much on a production level as on the quality of the content that will be produced. 

Bell Media is not the only media conglomerate who wants to develop and maintain its audience with rich and varied video content. The Daily Mail, which, according to them, is the most popular English-language destination on the internet, publishes 650 videos PER DAY!

You’ll find a lot of clips taken from TV shows, best moments in sports, fail videos, but also original news coverage, content that is created by its team of 350 journalists spread all over the world.

An offer that allows them to get almost 400 million video views per month. Sales people, multiply that by a reasonable CPM and you’ll discover an interesting revenue stream…

In a recent article, published over at AdWeek, you can read more details about the presentation the Daily Mail did at the NewFronts conference in New York City last week. You’ll even find other interesting metrics in there.