Creating a content experience that will allow the entire world to watch hours of content is not an easy task. Meet Gibson Biddle, former VP Product at Netflix.

If you are a Netflix subscriber and avid user, you know how well the content experience is built.

There might some quirks at times browsing through the catalogue and trying to understand how it is built and structured, but that is part of the product itself. It wants you to discover new things, stumble upon series and movies you would not have thought you’d like.

In a recent visit from Gibson Biddle (former VP Product at Netflix) at Gsoft’s offices in Montreal, he explained how they built the content experience behind what Netflix is today, and how one goes about creating a user journey through content that facilitates use and discovery.

In his discussion with the people at Gsoft, he mentioned four elements that can make a product hard to copy. The advantages that will make a product like Netflix’s content experience durable. Of these four (you can hear all about them in the interview), two stand out for us at Toast:

  •  A unique technology or body of work that’s hard to master (for Netflix, it’s personalization)
  • Your brand and customer’s loyalty

In these two, you see how taking care of the relationship between the brand/product and its audience is key. You want to create a personalized experience, along with taking care of customer loyalty. This creates the flywheel effect where a happy audience tells others about what they are living and it grows the audience, and so on.

The 10-minute summary of his visit at Gsoft is very interesting and enlightening from a content experience standpoint.