Hootsuite shares 4 ingredients that make the perfect recipe for your social videos.

Social videos are all the rage.

Social videos are videos that are produced and aimed at generating engagement and viewership on social media.

But there are tweaks that you can use to make them perform even better.

Hootsuite’s Kaylynn Chong recently shared 4 key ingredients that will make a difference in the results and ROI you will get from videos that you share on social media:

  • They are short and sweet: Nearly two thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds according to an Animoto study.
  • They are optimized for specific platforms and devices : Mobile first, sound-off, square? You need to think about these things.
  • They include descriptive text or subtitles : Going back to that sound-off issue mentioned above, you need to consider subtitles and visual descriptive text.
  • They have a clear call to action : You’re not producing video just for fun. You are actually tying it to a business objective. People should know what you want them to do after watching your video.

The article points to many great resources, so you can spend some time reading it, but if you have extra time on your hands (sure you do!), take the time to click on the links to do a deeper dive into social videos.