Evaluating both brands’ content strategy.

We talk a lot about branded content, how its value is determined, what/when/where to do it, how it creates positive brand spin, but I wanted to focus, this week, on two brands that are doing it pretty well.

One you already know: Red Bull. The other, maybe less: Equinox (an upscale gym).

The article I am directing you to this week is by Lauren Mangiaforte, posted over at Newscred. She analyzed both brands’ content strategy on different levels to see who did best.

The three themes she analyzed are:

  1. Content innovation
  2. Usefulness to consumers
  3. Social strategy

Content innovation is how they leverage content and integrate their brand and brand values into it. They are two very good examples on how tone is very important and brands should not fear having a very distinctive one. It is what help make that connection between consumers and brand.

The second theme she analyzed is usefulness to consumers. At Toast, as you know, our motto is “Utility and Reach.” so we have a special feeling for this theme. This is one key point where both are also taking different routes. It’s interesting to read how each is treating the utility of their content.

The last theme she looked at is social. How each is leveraging social media to create engagement and what their metrics are.

I invite you to take a couple minutes to read the article, it might give you ideas as to how you could tackle your content marketing.