The length of your content might not be as important a factor as we thought.

If you’ve never stumbled upon an episode of the “Here’s Why” series by Stone Temple Consulting, this will be your first contact with a quite unique approach where, in the introduction of each episode, the partners get dressed (!) and play out a skit on the subject of the day.

This time, in episode #98, we are greeted by Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln in a sketch on the quality and length of the content that your brand publishes. (In episode #97, it was all about the universe of Star Trek…!) 🙂

So the question of the day is all about the importance of the length of the content you publish (focusing on written copy) in correlation with the importance of the quality of that same content.

Of course, you will have guessed, quality is the aspect that wins the match here.

The video explains a rule of thumb you can use to evaluate if your content is of quality. You should ask yourself 3 questions when planning content production:

  1. Is it useful and relevant for my target audience?
  2. Is it aligned with my business objectives?
  3. Does it stand out in its topic?

If the subject gets you fired up and interested, I suggest you take 6 minutes and watch this episode of “Here’s Why”. It is as entertaining as it is interesting!