Inspiring your strategy from success stories is a great way to kickstart your content marketing program.

You can’t get a diploma in content marketing (yet), but you can try to learn from the best, and great case studies is an excellent source of learning material. It helps see what others have done but also what you can use in your own strategy.

Neil Patel is, in my opinion, a great content marketer. Founder of multiple online services, he combines traditional marketing tactics with content publishing to build thought leadership while driving audiences to his products.

One such product is Sprout Social (which you might have heard of). On the product’s blog (Quick Sprout), his team publishes regular articles on content marketing.

He recently published a rundown of 12 lessons we can learn from 5 case studies. The objectives of each was very different and the articles outlines what was done and why it worked.

  • Case Study #1: PTC used content marketing to go from 0 to 100,000 visitors per month
  • Case Study #2: Growing to $100,000 per month in revenue behind content marketing
  • Case Study #3: 1,000 new email subscribers with one content marketing tactic
  • Case Study #4: 500-700 organic search traffic visitors per day with a simple strategy
  • Case Study #5: Image based content marketing tactic to increase overall organic traffic by 175%

Just by reading these, anything you feel could be relevant to you?

This article is very long (a 19-minutes read!), but you can jump through it, through each lessons and see which you could use today or in the future.

This is an article to keep in your archives. It is filled with these little gems one always seems to find in case studies.