As an effective digital marketing tool, email also proves to be the most effective way for a successful lead generation campaign, according to a new study published by Ascend2.

The study conducted with a panel of 244 B2B and B2C marketing professionals, shows that email and content marketing generate the most effective tactic in getting prospects.  This is much better compared to other commonly used techniques such as marketing on social media, SEO, advertising or production line webinars.

Emailing: efficiency and simplicity of implementation

When it comes to promoting your content, email remains an invaluable tool to reach your target.  No such effect as in a weekly newsletter that builds your audience, encourages them to visit your site, finds your new products, etc.  There are many tools which encourage the user to give you his email address.  Using the email, you’ll be able to send an automated newsletter and get valuable information about your prospect upon subscribing.  Still you must have contents to promote.  This is where Content Marketing comes in.

Content marketing: effective if the right resources are available

It becomes obvious: to exist on the internet, you must offer content with real value.  Whether you solve the problems facing your potential customers, relay news about your industry, or offer white papers on more advanced topics, the opportunities are many.  However,  their implementation remains a matter for specialists.

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The study of Ascend2 shows that if content marketing is now the most used technique for generating leads (tied with emailing), the most significant obstacles to implementation are lack of skilled resources for content creation (48%) and lack of an effective and documented strategy (48%).

The content has also become essential to other techniques.  Without interesting content to share, you will obtain little or no presence on social media platforms.

Also, developing a content marketing strategy is particularly sustainable, in the sense that the contents have a longer lifespan. A regular rhythm of publication also helps to maintain the relationship with prospects.

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