What goes into building a brand content studio? Marriott knows.

Remember I told you about Marriott’s new content venture back in October? How they wanted to be the Red Bull of the hotel industry?

Well projects and announcements have started coming out, and it seems to look pretty decent.

Content, community, commerce.

These three C’s is how the tackle content strategy. It is at the core of the business strategy behind all the content they produce (and intend to produce). As David Beebee, who is heading the brand into new marketing terrain, says:

“It’s no longer about brand-first. It’s about giving consumers content that adds value to their lives, and in return adds value to us.”

They are producing for Snapchat, Medium, YouTube, long-form, short-form, they are basically testing the grounds to see what gets the best lift

And they are tapping into the existing creative community and seasoned producers as much as possible, through partnerships and deals.

Tessa Wegert has pulled together a really good article with details on current projects, how the studio is built and the overarching strategy. Once again a good read to start the week.

Discover more about Marriott’s studio (6-min read)