Where do consumers look for trustable content, brand’s website or third party?

At Toast, we often bring the subject to the table of whether a brand should self-distribute its content or find a way to distribute it on another platform (portal, broadcaster, etc.).

It often comes down to a question of whether they would like to acquire a new audience (for which we would recommend going through a platform that already has an audience to reach) or activating the current customer-base (then go with self-distribution, which can be much cheaper).

I wanted to share an article published a couple weeks ago in The Guardian’s Agency Hub.

The article recaps the results of two recent content marketing studies that evaluated if consumers are most likely to rely on a brands’ content if it comes from an owned-media source (their own website, their social media properties, etc.) or from a trusted third party (independent review website, etc.).

I will not dive into the details here, but only tease you over what Chad Pollitt concludes: both studies come to very different conclusions.

It’s a fairly quick read, with links to both studies. Worth it. Just in the fact that it shows how the current perception and performance measurement of content needs to up its game.