A good content strategy is essential for your recruitment and retention challenges.

The graph below is taken from a BDC study on current labour shortage issues in Canada.

As you can see, the next decade will be critical, with almost zero labour force growth. This means that it will be difficult for companies to recruit, grow, and it will become essential for them to develop a strong employer brand in order to also increase their employee retention rates.

Competition between employer brands will be fierce.

What about content in all this?

It is at the heart of a strong employer brand. It ensures that you attract the right candidates, that your hires are made with the right people and that they want to stay with you thanks to a clear, strong and transparent communication.

These issues are at the heart of many of our recent initiatives at Toast. We can see that the problem is very real and is becoming more and more critical.

Good content will ensure that you attract the right people to your company and that they will become a distinctive and loyal workforce.

An article from the podcast “Employer Branding” published by the London firm Link Humans presents the various considerations to keep in mind when establishing your employer brand strategy and the various initiatives that can subsequently be deployed.

You can listen to the 30-minute episode “Creating Employer Brand Content that Moves People” or read the main excerpts from the transcript in the article.

Are you experiencing recruitment and retention issues? Contact us and tell us about your current challenges. At Toast we have developed several strategies and tactics in a very large number of contexts (industrial, services, retail, manufacturing, etc.).