Julia Dina built a strong content venture by playing classical violin on Twitch.

Twitch is usually seen as a pure-play gaming social platform, but it can go much beyond playing Minecraft or the latest first-person-shooter game.

Julia Dina is an excellent example of this.

She was concertmaster for the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra in Alabama.

But she quit.

To play violin on Twitch.

You read that right.

And she is now streaming on a daily basis, spending hours with her followers in videos where she plays some video games, but most importantly, she plays the violin while taking requests by chat.

She had created her Twitch account to play some Minecraft, but she also found musicians on the platforms, musicians that made money with their streams.

And that’s when she started playing the violin live. In one video, she played a cover of Megalovania from the role-playing game Undertale after receiving a donation from a popular YouTuber.

From there, she has now built a 17k follower base and branched out to Instagram, YouTube and is now more rigorous in her approach to social media.

Julia is a great example of understanding the codes of a specific social platform, and building on top of that. It’s not because Twitch is mostly seen as a gamer’s platform that a classical musician cannot make a difference and attract some of these gamers in following her and discover something different, something new.

We discovered her through her profile on The Tilt, a media dedicated to the creator economy, who recently profiled her.

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