91% of Canadians that use the Internet watch videos online. Is your brand part of their interests?

WeAreSocial have released a yearly report for some time now, a report that outlines digital trends and consumption habits of people around the world.

In their Canadian report this year, we learn that we watch 3h20m of television and video (which includes traditional linear TV, but also streaming services and on-demand content). In fact, 73% now watch TV content via a streaming subscription service each month.

Is your brand part of this time spent watching linear video content?

How can your brand adapt to this reality? How can it become what interests your audience rather than interrupting them when they want to watch something that interests them?

As storytellers, our daily job at Toast is to create the best stories possible for brands and broadcasters.

What stories can your brand tell?

The story this report tells is that people are online, and they want content.