The art of finding your story, using Disney and Pixar’s methods

Storytelling is on everyone’s mind. Brands talk about it, many of them do it, consumers and viewers want it.

But for a brand, how do you find your story? How do you transpose a brand’s values, its objectives, in a story that will have an impact, that will create a connection with the other?

In the article I am recommending this week, Garr Reynolds writes about a very interesting way of doing it.

What if we tackled this brand storytelling thing as if it was a movie?

Pixar can teach us a lot about the creative process behind a good story, thanks to their way of working with storyboards.

And it even goes back to Disney:

“At our studio we don’t write our stories, we draw them.” — Walt Disney

I’m going to keep this short as I want you to still have time to read the article and watch some of the videos on Disney and Pixar storyboarding it features.

Enjoy the full article!