When you run a B2B company, how do you go about recruiting new talents?

More importantly, how do you think candidates research your company?

As you can imagine, candidates will seldom—if at all—have been acquainted with your offering beforehand. In some cases, it’s simply impossible (“And what is your background in jet fighter plane dashboard parts procurement?”). For the same reasons, the people around them might not know the company and are unable to provide further input.

That’s when they will seek whatever they might find on you, wherever they can (yup, that’d be the Internet!): corporate website, media presence, etc.

In short, your brand image has a huge effect on the first impression candidates have of you. Potential hirees will go on and read about you, maybe dig deeper, but as far as corporate culture and philosophy go, your brand image will have set a picture in their minds.

So, does your current brand image draw dream candidates to positions you post?

Here are some interesting articles on the subject:

(For the record, some of our clients have reported seeing a difference in the quality of the resumes they received for management positions following a brand image alignment. As for ourselves, Toast has seen a clear upgrade in the level of candidates for jobs we posted after we chose our new name and brand image.)

(photo via hoaryhead)