As Twitch evolves from a pure-play gaming-streaming-platform to a wider-ranging streaming platform, brands are getting on-board and starting their own Twitch channel.

Twitch is a platform that aims to be THE destination for gamers that want to live-stream, or watch live streams.

With close to 100,000 channels live at any time during the day, Twitch has carved itself a nice niche to attract gamers from all over the world. And more recently in the past few years, brands have started noticing and some have explored creating a channel and building a community around their streams and their content (close to home here in Quebec, Loto-Québec has been running their channel for a few years now, with great success).

Recently, BMO (the Bank of Montreal) launched a new program called BMO NXT LVL that aims to build awareness of the BMO with a younger audience of gamers.

David Brown at The Message covered the launch and published a great recap of what BMO NXT LVL is all about. In short:

“BMO NXT LVL,” a Twitch channel where BMO will broadcast streaming content hosted by its newly appointed “Gaming Relations Specialist” (or GRS). FCB is calling this a “long-term strategy,” with content “intersecting gaming culture and personal finances.”

If this is something that your brand is curious about, I strongly invite you to read David’s article, you can also watch the launch video that BMO posted, below, to introduce their Gaming Relations Specialist.