NPR is offering brands the possibility to integrate themselves into their audio content through Brand Soundscapes. Discover how they are built and how they allow brands to connect on an individual level with listeners.


Audio content and podcasts are seeing incredible growth. Even for us, Toast will be launching its own podcast in a few weeks!


The medium is extremely interesting for brands as it has this very intimate feel and connection with listeners. You are in their heads, as if your host or guests are talking directly to each and every member of your audience.


NPR’s reach with audio is undeniable, they have embraced the medium (even before podcasts were podcasts, with radio) and are building marketing products for brands so that they can also benefit from the massive audience that the broadcaster has.


Brand Soundscapes are just that. They are distributed along with regular NPR content and allow brands to tell a story, their story, in a format that really brings out the authenticity of a brand.


In an article published in Advertising Age, Gina Garrubbo explains how the format has brought great results to brands like Chipotle and Comcast.


The article itself is branded content (a native advertising article) for NPR, but read it  as an example of how audio can be used by brands, as a push in their brand storytelling initiatives.


So, what is you brand’s audio strategy? What initiatives are you planning for 2020 and 2021 with audio?