1 trillion data points per month should tell you something about your audience.

We all want to target the best and most precise audience possible. But how can we do it? Which tools allow us to do it best? Facebook sure has a great set of targeting tools available, but it sometimes seems like a black box you are throwing money at. It seems to work, but you don’t really know what happens in that box.

Conde Nast wants to help you target your desired audience better. Through their own data insights company, 1010data, they have launched a new product that allows you to have access to its massive database of consumers.

Through its multiple platforms and properties, Conde Nast claims to track 1 trillion data points every month. This is definitely “big data.”

With this, they are making available the possibility to target an audience based on their content consumption habits and purchase activity, basically creating micro-segments, very targeted and niche audiences, that might be a perfect fit for a given brand or advertiser.

This is how a traditional media company, which is supposed to be on the verge of extinction, is leveraging its massive audience and consumer base to offer better options for advertisers.

Now as you can read in this ComputerWorld article, this is basically taking the old model and trying to save it. Will it work, can it help Conde Nast? That question remains to be answered. But in the meantime, valuable data is being collected by the “traditional” media corporations that still have massive traffic, audiences and readers.