Wealthsimple, which started as the first 0$ commission trading app in Canada, puts a lot of effort behind its content strategy program, which drives tons of traffic and business.

Wealthsimple launched its app in March 2019. Since then, it has added new services and products, but all this innovation and new business initiatives are part of the very competitive financial services and fintech landscape.

Between January 2019 and December 2020, its year-over-year website traffic almost doubled to 22,4M visitors.

Some would say that a lot of this could be the result of heavy advertising and branding, but in 2020, almost half (49%) of the search visits came from non-branded keywords.

Their Learn section has been at the core of this performance, helping people make sense of the financial markets, trading, and so many other terms and expertise that can sometimes feel extremely obscure to a lot of people.

As mentioned in a RightMetric business case (PDF): “The Personal Finance 101 area in the Learn section proves to be an invaluable source of financial information and attracts 46% of all inbound search visits.”

What is the Personal Finance 101 section? It is an evergreen collection of content that attracts and offers value to visitors. This in turn positions the brand as a powerful provider of information to investors and consumers, which is key in driving future revenue for the company.

Wealthsimple has been on track to educate the population and it has benefited both their top-line and their bottom-line.

Is your brand considered helpful and educational in your market? How well supplied is your content hub, your own “Learn” section? These are questions you can and should ask yourself. Your audiences are looking for information, for education and you might be the best positioned company to do it.