Using the success of others in content marketing as inspiration.

The Content Marketing Institute recently published an updated version of their 2012 content marketing inspiration eBook. An impressive publication that compiles 75 real-life examples of brands using content in their marketing mix.

In compiling their updated version, they noticed seven trends that make many of the examples a success.

Here is an overview of these trends, you can read more about each in the linked article:

  1. Use images for deeper engagement: American Express does this in almost all of their Facebook posts;
  2. Create a deeper connection with your audience through compassion: Whole Foods did just that when they created a series on food and environmental issues;
  3. Give you audience the opportunity to share their passions: GoPro focuses on consumer evangelism in their strategy;
  4. Defy expectations: Microsoft uses powerful, emotional stories to talk about technology;
  5. Remove the perceived barriers to conversion: Prudential created tools that simplify how visitors can get advice from experts on various issues;
  6. Be generous, your audience members will be in return: IBM created an extensive library of resources (analysis, white papers, reports, etc.);
  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment and innovate: Tealium, a digital marketing provider, published a children’s book.

The article and the eBook are well worth the read, especially to inspire yourself with great examples as you build your content marketing strategy.