Branded content can be a really good thing, but it’s also not that hard to fail at it. Here are 5 habits you need to have.

When a brand decides to integrate itself into a content production, old reflexes are sometimes bound to surface in the way it will position itself in the end product.

And I’m not talking about positioning in the marketing sense of things but actually in the sense of the place the brand will take and how it will act in relation to the content and the target audience.

In the article I wanted to share this week, Matthew Bryan Beck, strategist at Ogilvy & Mather New York, shares 5 good habits to keep in mind during the ideation phase, production and deployment of branded content.

In his introduction, he references old habits of applying traditional models of TV advertising to any type of content. A good number of brands don’t realize how television is a linear, non-interactive media, while new digital platforms need to create engagement and interaction. Nothing new here.

Although his article puts focus on how brands use content in a social media context, we can apply these five habits to branded content:

  1. Give air to your content, don’t be too aggressive of sales-oriented.
  2. Strategy is essential, don’t simply publish content, think about it first.
  3. Be human, your audience can smell an algorithm from miles out.
  4. Be active, be regular.
  5. The best branding is the content itself.

I am a big fan of always keeping the basics of what we do not too far. It is very easy to concentrate on execution and forget the big idea why we are producing content.