Statistics to help you get a better understanding of the power of video marketing.

Vidyard, a video management platform, has just released their 2017 Video in Business Benchmarks report.

It contains invaluable information on the power and impact video can have on your audience.

They summed up some of the key points in an infographic (you can access it by clicking the button below), but here are 2 that I found particularly interesting:

  1. 56% of the videos published in the last year were less than 2-minutes long
  2. The average video retains 37% of viewers to the last second

Now remember that from what we can gather from their methodology, this is a report that focuses on videos that are published/embedded on your site. It does not cover social videos or videos published on a more global platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

Nonetheless, this is a very interesting report and if you are into video and/or marketing, it is a great read.